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HMI employs accurate impact measurement tools to design targeted campaigns which help you reach your target market.

Campaign Management

We provide customised levels of support for your campaign management needs such as lead generation, campaign execution, and reporting analyses to generate useful insights that will influence strategic decisions.

Marketing Automation

We deploy marketing automation processes that help you produce customisable hybrid marketing plans, engage leads with high sales potential, and reach strategic market segments with minimal resource expenditure.

E-Marketing Management

We develop campaigns which include services such as HTML conversion, response tracking, statistical summary reports and built-in SPAM management tools that guarantees all messages are compliant with the latest regulations.

Direct Mail

We design mailing packages that cater for your various business needs such as personalised promotions, introducing loyalty programmes, launching new products and services, sending event invitations and conducting surveys.

Creative Execution

We assist in strategy development and creative execution to meet both your digital and offline marketing demands such as brand placement, content planning, reporting, analytics and any other relevant business objectives.

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