About Us

Heritage Marketing & Interactive Sdn Bhd is an end-to-end marketing communications services company providing consultancy from the start of a marketing plan to the execution to follow-through reports and action items leading to sales. We are a database management company, providing quality information and consulting services to help you enhance your business through direct marketing. We have expertise and we provide follow-through reports to ensure the hygiene of information you receive at any time. We also assist you in leveraging on this data by providing creative consulting, marketing consulting and database marketing services. Through our combined experience of over 15 years, both locally and with clients around the world, we believe we can partner you to take your business to the next level.


We Value :Quality Solutions, efficiency, commitment, partnership, growth. We help you to put your business together.


Building positive relationships & promoting customer satisfaction via current technologies for tomorrow’s marketing.

Key advantages

Our key advantage is the ability to accurately measure the response of your recipients to each of your broadcast at a significantly lower cost. This will bring you higher return on investments and faster penetration into the target market.