Outbound Call Services

We execute online and offline registration for our clients' seminars, conferences and marketing events. This package also includes post event analytics and evaluation reports.

Lead Generation
A lot of company sales force struggle in meeting sales target and meeting with their potential clients. This is because many of them spend their time profiling, farming and doing cold calling in the office. Let us handle that part, let your sales team be the sales team that grow your business.

Lead Generation is the first step in the sales cycle. To do it effectively, you need to carefully analyse your target market and implement a strategy that will engage decision makers within your targeted market.

We will help you generate you manage your sales appointment setting, when your sales team is outside meeting potential clients and chasing your sales target.

Tele-Survey / Market Research
Market Research / Survey involves the cleaning of records and organizing of information for strategic purposes. Scanning also verifies the status (whether active or inactive) of records used in a campaign. Furthermore, scanning allows a client to identify future target groups and determine the best way to approach them.