Marketing Campaign

At Heritage, we are dedicated to provide you HIGH QUALITY DATA. Besides ensuring you are able to be connected to your clients, reaching your target audience would be more at ease and effective. This allows your business to yield a higher return in your investment as cost and time is significantly reduced for your benefit.

Here we offer you three (3) flexible levels of campaign management support to get insightful analysis of your ROI:
  List Generation
  Campaign Execution
  Statistical Reporting

With our dedicated account staff, our service will walk with you from A to Z.

Electronic Direct Mail (eDM)
Heritage have engaged thousands of eDM campaigns for our APAC clients that included services from conversion to HTML, tracking response, summary & statistical reporting to compilation of opt-out lists. Comprehensive SPAM management tools are built-in and all messages are set to be compliant with the latest regulations.

As added-value, Quality Control is our key service for a successful eDM campaign.

Direct Mail
At Heritage Direct Mail consists of a mailer pack that is commonly used to provide personalized promotions, loyalty programs, event invitations, product launches and surveys.

SMS Messaging
Mobile phone messaging is a brilliant way to respond quickly to opportunities or to solicit an instant response. A text message adds a new dynamic to your marketing mix and is the perfect way to send a quick reminder, encourage event attendance or promote a call to action.

Fax Messaging
Direct fax still remains as a popular mode of direct marketing to this day. Although conventional direct facsimile goes beyond establishing contact as a physical copy of transmission facilities a spill over circulation within the target audience's proximity. Where audiences require tangible information, fax messaging is ideal. Send to hundreds or thousands of recipients, we are able to withstand the amount while ensuring your message is sent.