Database Management

According to the Direct Marketing Association, database accuracy deteriorates at an average rate of 5% per month. Therefore, a database that is unchecked for only four months is already of questionable integrity. Heritage will help you evaluate your database and provide you with a thorough reports.

At Heritage, we are dedicated to provide you HIGH QUALITY DATA. Besides ensuring you are able to be connected to your clients, reaching your target audience would be more at ease and effective. This allows your business to yield a higher return in your investment as cost and time is significantly reduced for your benefit.

Database Updating
The Heritage in-house call centre, which is the primary source of the Heritage database, prevents data decay by directly contacting the individuals in our database to check their latest updated information. It is this service that enables us to proudly claim a 95% data accuracy guarantee. Through the Database Updating service, we will gather for you Level One Business Intelligences such as:
  Company Name
  Company Contact Details

Database Profiling
The Heritage database profiling service aims to identify the target market group that is most likely to make a decision for you. Heritage service continues with constant tracking and monitoring of the individuals within this group via our in-house call centre to check for movements and changes that may impact your business. Examples of business intelligences we gather at this level includes:
  Executives' Names
  Executives' Contact Details
  Number of Employees

De-Duplication Check / Database Mapping
We constantly run a strict quality check on our database on each fields for errors, standardization and de-duplication to ensure our database is constantly at the pink of health. We know the "Do's and Don'ts" rules on database and we will help you to achieve the highest level in database hygiene.

Database Analytical
Data analysis is concerned with the NATURE and USE of data. It involves the identification of the data elements which are needed to support the data processing system of the organization, the placing of these elements into logical groups and the definition of the relationships between the resulting groups. Through our comprehensive and in-depth audit reports, you are always in-the-know and confident that your database is accurate and up-to-date.